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Book #5 of 2019: The Unknown (Animorphs #14)

The Unknown (Animorphs #14) by Katherine Applegate
Traditional or self-published: Traditional
Rating: Hated (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

On one hand: This was an awful, terrible, horrible book.
On the other: It wasn't written for me. Kids probably enjoyed it.

In a series that is already full of plot holes, this book takes the cake. The bad guy alien race (Yeerk, brain slugs, they crawl into your ear and take you over), has no issues at all with possessing people. The whole series thus far is full of that. They take people over, people in powerful positions, and they're setting up the Earth to fall.

In this book, the Yeerk's wanted to get into Area 51 Zone 91, so do they take over scientists working there? Do they take over members of the many, many military people stationed there? No. They take over horses. A herd of wild horses so they can wander in unnoticed. Instead of using their usual, established, proven tactic of taking over humans who work somewhere they needed to be, they use horses. To get into one of the most secure military bases in the country.

And what were they trying to get into Area 51 Zone 91 to learn about? Something that turns out to be a (spoiler) toilet. An alien toilet. Ha. Ha. Ha.

As if those things weren't bad enough, the other characters were just so unrealistic and not believable. An adult man, a military commander, living in the 90s, bought the fake names Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and Cindy Crawford that the Animorphs used.

And lastly, for some reason sound effects were written out, it was so annoying:

A warm breeze blew and whistled between the rocks: WHEEE-HEEEEEE-WHEEE-EEEEE-WHEEE


Gun firing noise:
KRRR-Chunk! Rrrrreeeeeeeeee!

Horse noises:

And lots more I hadn't bothered saving.
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