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Book #18 of 2019: The Attack (Animorphs #26)

The Attack (Animorphs #26) by K. A. Applegate?
Traditional or self-published: Traditional
Rating: Loved (Hated-Disliked-Okay-Liked-Loved)

I think I got the Animorphs author situation figured out. While it may not be fair of me to think this, I think the good, non-ghostwritten books are written by Michael Grant (her husband). He has said he co-wrote the series, but his name isn't on a single book, not even as a ghostwriter. His other book series are amazing, and the amazing "Applegate-written" books really stand out from the others.

This book was just completely different than the rest of the series. It was on the same level as that one where we learned the evil brain slug aliens weren't all evil. If all the "Applegate-written" books were by her, why would some be so different in quality than the others?

Like the book where we found out all the bad guy aliens weren't evil, this book too dealt in wonderful, wonderful shades of grey.

[Plot spoilers]

How do you fight an enemy who has no choice about fighting? An enemy who is basically a child, who has been created and designed to not just fight, but to not know what they're doing. The enemy (literally a child, they have no mature stage, they do not reproduce, they're grown in a lab and live only three years) is not just a deadly fighter, they think the people they're killing are having fun.

Children who have no choice but to fight. Children who kill without realizing they're hurting people.

How do you fight an army of them? That is what the Animorphs had to deal with in this book. /end spoiler

If every book in the series were like this one, Animorphs would be the most amazing series ever.
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