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Change, change, change (over the balmy bay?)

Surprisingly, I've had this LJ for almost a year. For all of that time, I've had the same default icon (Wizardmon, the smiling yellow toothy cat). I think it's time for a change! It's sexy Mr. Sly's turn now.

I'll continue to use Hooch for my posts that are only about Harry Potter, so my friends who don't care to read those can easily skip them.

And in other news, the ice cream man just drove by. This isn't odd, other than the music his truck was playing:

"Sailing, sailing over the (something) bay..." Bay? Sea? I want to say 'Sailing, sailing, over the balmy bay', but that can't be right.

Oh, like this is some sort of a surprise:
I'm going to Hell because I like Harry Potter!
You like Harry Potter, you scum. It's the deepest
pit in Hell for you.

Your very
existence is a crime against Nature.

Why Will You Go To Hell?
brought to you by Quizilla

Happy Saturday, folks!
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