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Thistle's semi-erotic dream within a dream.

I had quite a dream last night. A nice change from the nightmares I've been having of late. It was one of thos having a dream-within-a-dream deals. In the end there's some male-male stuff, but it's minor and non-graphic. Cut because it's long.

In my dream nopejr wrote a story about a soldier and a war, and within my dream I had a dream that followed the story's exact plotline.

My dream within the dream: I was the main character of nopejr's story, a very big, tall, muscular man. I might not have been fully human, because I could do a lot of things normal soldiers couldn't. Because of that, they sent me on more dangerous missions and such. Eventually, right before the war ended, I was captured by the good guys.

No matter that the war was now ended, and no matter that they were the good guys and we were the bad, they didn't release me. Because I was extra-strong, they kept me badly abused (emotionally/mentally) and away from people as much as they could, so that I wouldn't get any ideas that I could run away.

Years passed, and eventually things started to change a little. While they still said bad things and made me keep my face lowered and all that, they started taking me places. One day, it was to a picnic/country fair type place. A fire broke out, there was confusion everywhere, and my guards were hurt or distracted. I ran. (The waking me in the dream was somewhat upset by this, as it didn't seem very IC. The me in the dream-dream shouldn't have wanted to run, the awake-dream me though.)

Showing that probably-not-human-ness, I ran faster and further than anyone else could. Even with them in vehicles, I stayed ahead of them. Eventually I reached a ghetto, and did things like vaulting over tall fences and walls and such. However, the good guys were still looking for me, and I needed a hiding place. Also, because this was a ghetto, people were more protective of what property they had, and so I was noticed wherever I went. Eventually a young black girl felt bad for me, and she let me hide in her bedroom.

More time passed, and I thought maybe the good guys would have given up by now. I was getting ready to leave the girl's room. Before I left, she showed me a picture of an older white man, and asked me for a favor (since she helped me). She asked me that I try to get her mother to marry that man, if I could. She said he was a good man, and her mother deserved someone good. I looked at the picture and nodded and said I would try.

Out her window I went, dropping into their bare-dirt backyard. Oddly, I saw the guy in the picture not far away. Part of me wanted to run, because running was the only way I might stay free, but the bigger part of me felt like I owed the girl, and though I had no idea how I was going to help, I decided to follow the man.

He walked and walked, eventually entering a "covered hallway" sort of thing. Though he had acted like he had no idea I was following him (even though I was only a couple paces behind him), he stopped once we were in there and alone. He turned back to me.

Though I had had no problem looking at, smiling at, talking to, or interacting with other people while I was on the run, now the "old ways", the browbeating and other things the good guys had done came back to me. This man was giving off such "vibes" of ... power? authority? leadership? that I couldn't help myself. I lowered my face down and couldn't look at him. I couldn't talk to him to tell him about the mother. I just stood there, looking at the ground by by feet.

He stepped forward and though I was much taller than him, much younger, and a whole lot stronger, I trembled.

When he spoke, it was like his voice wrapped around me, blocking out the rest of the world, making everything private between just the two of us. He asked in a voice so soft it was nearly a whisper, "You're a slave, aren't you?"

I wasn't one, never had been one even while I was captured. I was a well-trained soldier, but... I nodded. Before him I was. Before him anyone would be.

He smiled, and the expression was like praise from god. He put his hand on my shoulder, not urging me down just yet. "And you just love to suck cock, don't you?" he asked next, in that same quiet way. Though I had never done it before, it seemed like the most exciting idea right now, like nothing could be better. He brushed his erection against me, and it was like lightning through my whole body. My knees went weak, and his hand urged me down to my knees.

And wouldn't you know it, just as I leaned in and took him into my mouth, I woke up within the dream. In this awake-dream I was worried about sharing the dream-dream with anyone because people would think I stole nopejr's plot for it.

Chirping birds woke me out of that real dream, but it was only 6 AM and so I went back to sleep. I wanted to and maybe should have gotten up and typed it out then, so as not to lose details, but instead I went back to sleep. Two and a half hours later, and here it is now.

The guy at the end, from the picture, reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on who. He had blond hair, but it was going grey, so the grey really looked like just a shade of the blond.

Edited to add: nopejr, not notejr. I was still half asleep while writing this, and cut&pasted the error in the other two times.
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