Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Media week in review

What I'm currently reading

The Institute by Stephen King. Holy cow, this is so good. I can't put it down, I read it every time I can snag a moment (including at work). Even though, like all of his books, it's super long, I'm nearly done with it.

Last week I wrote about it "Only (small) downside is that my Kindle tells me this book is going to take me hours longer to read than most do. I'd say "There goes my book count for the year!", but it's already down the tube." So it's funny that I'm going to finish it in about a week.

What I'm currently watching

So many shows...

I started Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, a comedy about a team working on the world's most popular MMO game. It should be such a perfect show for me, but I dislike it. It's not in any way funny (I watched the first two eps, and only had one moment of mild amusement), and the characters are just flat stereotypes. Instead of being a show gamers can enjoy, it's rather insulting. Not sure if I'm going to give it another ep before giving up, but I suspect not. (Edit: Reddit said it got better in ep 3, and it did a little, but I'm not sure if enough to stick with it.)

I watched one ep of Star Trek: Picard. Good acting, good production, okay story. Really odd to see Vulcans with a French accent. I'm not at all hooked, but I'll keep watching.

Other shows: I sort of started rewatching Major Crimes (I had loved it so much the first time I saw it), but I'm only one ep in in a week. Community: Basically same thing. On ep 8, haven't watched it since last weekend. The Mandalorian: Same thing. Two eps left to go, haven't watched it since last weekend.

Going to start watching: The Outsider based on Stephen King's book. Because I need more shows to watch...

Haven't touched in weeks: The First and Man in the High Castle. Starting to wonder if I'll ever get back to them. Man in the High Castle is interesting, but it doesn't make me feel good about watching it, so I think my brain is kind of just shying away from returning to it.

Dropped shows: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I loved the first two seasons, but this third one just isn't doing it for me. It's silly and I don't like any of the characters.
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