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A few hundred words.

This week's HP100 challenge was about graduation, exams, and other end-of-school foo. School seems a really distant thing to me, so I borrowed an idea from someone else to write about. (For those not in HP fanfic circles, a "plotbunny" is a story idea. Don't ask me where that came from, I have no idea.)

Title: Flitwick's New Prince
Word count: 100
A/N: As an extra twist to this one, I stole an abandoned bunny from mctabby's Blame Each Other Fest. (Listed after the story.)

Flitwick stood (on a box) with the other teachers, watching the students pass by in their graduation robes. Though his eyes were on the children, his thoughts were elsewhere.

Love was on his mind.

It had been so long since his last relationship. Not that he had ever complained to his fellow teachers, but the emptiness was still there. It couldn't be missed. The physical connection, emotional warmth, support –- all had been lacking in his life.

But now things were different! He had found love once more! He just couldn't tell anyone...

No one would understand his and Trevor's relationship.

The used bunny:
Flitwick's tired of his advances being rejected by staff and students alike. Who can a little guy turn to for love? Well, there's always Crookshanks, Mrs Norris, Trevor... Accio lube!, to be blamed on/submitted to the fest by aldalindil .

Also, I think I didn't post mine from the last week or two, but they're all on the page I made for them. Everything up to but excluding this week.
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