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Madness sneaks up, strikes (Or: )

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Madness sneaks up, strikes (Or: )

I was watching Japanese TV last night. Nope, I don't speak a word of it, but I was watching it anyway. Advertisements came on. Some grocery store had an ad, and during the whole thing they showed their URL. Bored and curious, I went to the site. (English: )

So, for some reason, I just started shopping. Now people who know me will be shocked and amazed; I don't eat odd American food (like lettuce, tomatoes, lobster, things like that), let alone foreign food if I have any choice in it, so what the heck was I buying Japanese food for?

Just curious, I guess...

I bought some things to send home to my mother (Gummy Kiwi, Tomato Pritz (pretzels?), Snow Pea Crisp). She'll be tickled, she loves foreign foods.

I bought one thing for a friend, and the rest I got for me. $40 of Japanese food, due to arrive tomorrow. I wonder if I'll be brave enough to try it, or if it'll just sit around staring at me till it rots?

I'll take pictures of the odder things and post them here. I'd also like to take weekly photos of the orange tree, now that it's actually making oranges... need to get off my butt and do that.
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