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Downhill... the direction the rest of my day went. Twice as much work because cow orker was off... and then net access went out at noon. At five, when I left, it was still out.

Five hours of sitting there staring at my useless computer. (For what good is a computer if it doesn't get you to the Internet?) I got lots of work done, but I was sad and annoyed as hell. "Everyone else" (read: Anyone but the few of us tech support losers) left for the day early. It was Friday, the internal network was down, Internet access was down, anyone with any control and power over their jobs left. I had to stay. Even my slacker boss, who came in two hours after me this morning, left early. I was undecided between screaming and crying, but I settled on rebooting my computer for the entertainment of watching screens scroll by.

It was a long day.

I didn't go shopping at lunch for a plug thingie. I hate shopping, I didn't want to go. I'm gonna look at the situation here at home again and see if I can make it all work without one.

This is going to be my last picture of the day, both because I'm having a harder time finding pictures I really love and because I feel guilty about wasting mallen's bandwidth with such things.

Click for full picture.

I like this picture for a number of reasons, chief among them that even though Jecht is a ghost, he looks the most alive of everyone in the picture. The picture (and Jecht) remind me a lot of many years ago, when I was taking art classes and drawing every day. People don't naturally stand straight, like a letter 'I', their hips and shoulders "cock". See?

The one on the right is correct, the one on the left is wrong. With Jecht, he seems to always have a hip cocked more than most folks do. Somehow it makes him look more ... in motion. Ready. Comfortable with his body.

And those low, loose pants don't hurt his image, either. ;) Mmm.
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