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lj_nifty is a keen community. I've been trying to search for communities for the longest time, and someone finally came up with a way. (Details are here.)

The hp100 writing group is so much fun, I wanted to poke around and see what other ones there might be out there. Unfortunately, I didn't find much I'm interested in... Two Buffy, one X-Files, one X-Men, and one "RPS" (real people slash, *twitch*).

Hm. A search for 'drabble' instead of '100' gives more results. Here. Still nothing I'm interested in writing, but a couple things I might check out to read...

(I guess it would help if I knew what I wanted to write /before/ searching, huh? I don't even know why I'm looking for other themes... Just restless with life in general...)

Edited to add: Found a CSI100 group to watch, a Pitch Black (the movie from a few years back) drabble group to watch, and a promo100 group to pimp your 100 groups in. I poked the chick who runs the HP100 group to put a post up there.

Still restless...
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