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My Inner Carnivore

I'm not really much of a meat-eater in general. I'm not a vegetarian by a long shot, but I rarely crave meat-based things.

Related to this, my box of Japanese foods arrived today.

As part of my order, I bought Pocky. My intent of this was to confirm my correctness: Anime fanboys and girls who run around going 'Kekekekeke!' and saying 'kawaii!!!' and other such things seem to praise Pocky endlessly. It annoys the heck out of me. It's just a darned Japanese biscuit covered in chocolate! Not even a cookie, more like a breadstick! It cannot be worth endless praise and daily conversations!

So I bought some in that order and I tried it today. As I ate the first stick I was nodding to myself. I was right. Flavor was poor, almost no chocolate coating... but then I had another. And then I discovered It.

The secret of Pocky.

If you eat two or three at once, it's a whole different experience. (Stick with me here, this is going to sound odd and/or gross.) When you eat two or three together, it feels like you're snapping a bone between your teeth. Now I know, I know. That sounds terrible. Before today, I would have ew'ed at this. But it felt good. Really good.

I've discovered my inner carnivore, and it likes sucky Japanese cookies.

There's irony somewhere in there.
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