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Rrrarrr! Scary!

I'm just full of posty-goodness tonight, aren't I? More posts than usual today.

So, there's this guy walking around on the street. (A street somewhere, luckily not around me. I think. I hope.)

Here's one picture of him.
And another.

His face and arms are tattooed into fur/scales. (None of that on his face is make-up, it's all tattoos.) See his lip? That's an implant to make him look more cat-like. See all those piercings in his, um, upper-lip area? They're so he can attach whiskers to himself. And don't ask me how this makes him more cat-like, but he has breast/chest implants as well.

So my question is, what in the world does this person do for a living? The only thing I can think of is maybe he works in a circus or a "freak show" (do they even have those anymore?). It'd take quite an open-minded boss to hire him for a regular job...
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