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Must be working off some karma here...

I don't know how much longer I'm going to last.


Me, in email: Do this, that, and the other thing. If the problem is not corrected, please reply to this email with the debug log which will have been created.

My phone: *ring* *ring*

That same customer, on my phone: Hi! It didn't work!

Me, thinking: GRRR! You damned idiot. What did I ask you to do if it didn't work! No, I did NOT just want the damned log file for my health or to wallpaper my apartment with!

Customer, on phone: Can you tell me what's wrong?

Me, out loud: Please email me a copy of your log.

Customer: Oh. Okay!



Edited to add: He's now up and running. His initial complaint: His SW tool was not working. What was the problem? He failed to push the big button labeled 'START'. Gods above. I do not do support for AOLers. I do support for *scientists* and *computer engineers*. People who make tons and tons of money, people who have been to college for five or so more year than me! GAH!
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