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Japanese candy o'the night

Tonight's candy (or cookie, as the case might be) is Cream Collon. (Photo of box.)

When I picked them out, it was because they looked at the least, innocent, and at the most good. They look like little cream-filled wafer cookies. The orange swirl on the front of the box hinted that maybe they were orange in flavor.

Last night, after deciding to try Cream Collon next, I started thinking about it. And worrying. This isn't an American food, it's Japanese. That white stuff in the middle could be fish or tofu or something like that. Yuck. Luckily when I checked the box again, I found a 'nutritional facts' sticker stuck to the box. And it had a list of ingredients! I was saved from potentially eating fish (yuck!)! The only really suspect thing listed on it is "millet jelly", but it's the fifth thing, after salt, so whatever it is there must not be much of it in there.

Open the box and rip open the surprisingly strong foil packet. Pour some out. (Photo.) Hm. While they're not white in the middle like on the box, they smell sort of okay. Smell pretty good, even.

So, the test. Try one while I download and edit the photos... (Close up of them.)

Hm. They're actually pretty good. The cookie outside is an odd texture. Sort of... wrong... Too light, and it breaks apart oddly between your teeth, but the creamy middle is pretty darned good. The whole thing is a little bland (the orange hinted at on the box would be a great addition), but they're actually pretty good. The cream has almost... "chunks" of sugar in it, as if the sugar grains were larger than normal grains and not melted. It's really pretty darned good.

There is a very slight aftertaste, but it's not too bad. I'd buy them again, if I ran into them. They're a little high in calories (330 for this one pack, but it's a big pouch of them).

I'd give Cream Collon an eight of ten. One point lost for blandness, and one for the scary name.
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