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PWP - except without actual sex

(For those not in the fic circle, "PWP" means 'Plot? What Plot?' and is used on stories containing minimal plot/story and mostly just sex.)

Subject found in a real summary of a fic. Though assumedly it would be work safe, I wasn't certain it would be brain-safe, so I avoided the link.

I found a new author I like. malecrit. Her Geocities page of fics. I added When We Were Gone Astray (which, by the way, is a *rocking* title for a Christmas challenge fic about DEs), Ghost of Silver and Green, and Sharpening the Savage Quill to my recs page. Might add more, as I read them. Really loved Astray though, I think I have fallen in love with her Avery.

(evilgrayson, you might want to check out When We Were Gone Astray if you have time. It reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on what. Some sort of RP we've done in the past. Something about malecrit's Avery is pinging strongly in my head. ...maybe Jack? I guess maybe. Avery standing alone in a room, head down a little, smiling, trusting, alone... I'm not really certain though.)
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