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The Vacuum Cleaner of Death

Or at least that's what my cat called it as she fled before its mighty growl. The carpets are clean now though, which is nice.

LJ needs to be consistent with its darned unique tags. One is 'lj user' and the other is 'lj-cut'. Why does one have a space and one a dash? Bad planning, folks!

Since a number of folks were happy to see my "cocked I" drawing tip from yesterday, I wanted to add another one in tonight. Drawing a person is easy! I can show you how! ...if only my scanner worked. If I don't get it hooked up tomorrow, I'll go shopping on Monday for a plug extender. Hopefully.

All in all, it's been a darned nice day! Bread came out a little sucky this morning (donno why), but everything was relaxing and easy. Played FFX for, hm, seven hours or so. Was a nice break. Had some RP, too. Short scene (the other person had to go), but she said she really liked RPing with me. That embarrasses me, but (of course) makes me feel good, too. I really need to get a log page for Sly up... though that would require me actually editing logs and such. Blech.

Oh, and Operation Make Kimahri Useful is going swimmingly! He's got the second most HP in the party now, which solves that 'Do something, Kimahri! No! No! Something OTHER than die!' problem. He's not hitting for even close to Auron's damage, but, well, not dying all the time is a darned good start!
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