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*pant*pant* (MUSH, cooking, and HP fanfic, in that order)

Busy night. Still wondering how weekend nights at home can be busier than work days at work.

GMed tonight, typical ONS (so five hours). Didn't go as planned (central PC needed to drop out in the middle of it (through no fault of his own), so I had to change the plot around), but at least I got done what needed to be done, and the larger plot can move forward. Heh heh heh.

Did quite a bit of site work, even though I'm loathe to do it right now. (Anything I do now will have to be reproduced once we return to Byte-me.) Edited logs, made new pages, links, updates, stuff like that.

Did on-MUSH work from yesterday and today.


In non-MUSH news, I have a pot of boneless ribs ready to start cooking tomorrow. Mmm. Stuck them in the oven longer this time (about 20 minutes on one side (up from 15 because I couldn't decide which rack to put it on, so left the door open too long), and 15 on the second). They smelled so good and had a little brown, which should improve things tomorrow. Put them in the BBQ sauce tonight and will let them sit overnight in it. Hope that won't make it too strong...

What'd I'd like to do is brown them in a pan before putting them in a crock pot, but ... eh. Don't have a pan big enough, and I might do something wrong with it. (Hush, Nemo and Mallen. Cooking is scary for us unskilled folks!) So we'll see tomorrow how they come out.

Also, I'm knowingly putting too much meat in, so that might affect things. The pot is only supposed to get 1.5 pounds, but this pack had almost 2 pounds and I don't feel like saving the rest out.


Lastly, I'm feeling the lack of HP fanfics. I haven't read any since... Thursday? I wish wish wish darned Bittersweet Potion would update.

For those who know Didodikali from Teacher's Pet, she has a new story! It's not HP, but her art is wonderful and it's a very interesting original story. Fish Story.
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