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Bad fic! Bad! No cookie for you!

There are many themes I like, many books and many shows. One is Harry Potter, and another is the HBO show Oz. I won't explain HP, as most folks willingly or not know the basics of it. Oz isn't as well known.

Oz is a very violent show -- a "realistic" look at life in a high security prison. Graphically violent, sexual, and full of racial insults (nigger, kike, spick, about any insult/slur you can think of, it's been used there.) There have been a number of male/male rapes shown in exacting detail. Death and murder and worse are common.

Just because you love two things does not mean that you can put them together. (See also: Hot chocolate and bacon. Sleeping and driving fast. Telling dirty jokes and company-wide meetings.) I've had the misfortune of coming across a fic that tries to mix Harry Potter and Oz.
The web design alone is eye-bleedingly painful. The fic is worse. Draco and Harry, still school aged (or maybe not, the story later mentions him having taken a class in his seventh year) are sent to a US maximum security prison. Uh huh.

(Oz has a "sponsorship" program, where new men are given older sponsors to help them learn and fit in.) Draco is put under the wing of a character named Shillinger, the leader of the white power group and a man who rapes anyone smaller and weaker than himself. But wouldn't you know it! Shillinger and Draco hit it off! The two spot Harry, and Shillinger asks if Draco knows him:

Draco shook his head vigorously. "I absolutely despise him! He's nothing but a..." He thought a moment thinking of impressing his new acquaintance with his easy grasp of foreign terminology. "Nothing but a worthless nigger lover!"

"You!-" Harry reached for the wand that wasn't there and instead settled for launching hismelf at Draco. He made excuses for him at first when Beecher had told him exactly who and what the man was Draco was acting so familiar with. How could Draco be expected to be familiar with muggle customs and culture? But once the words had come out of his mouth Harry lost it. He knew Draco had Death Eater sympathies, but even Voldemort himself wouldn't have said such a thing!

That's got to be the high (low?) point of this story. Voldemort has killed people, tortured friends and enemies, and wants to take over the world, but even he wouldn't say 'nigger'?

Story here. Luckily it's short. Doing ctrl-A to 'select all' makes the colors a little less painful.

Edited to add: Apparently the writer goes to college. From her LJ:

</i>i'm sure my friends are sick of hearing me whine about this but it's Crazy. i'm not the best poet in the universe, but i know that i'm still damn good. so i thought I'd join a poetRy group and boy did I pick the wrong onE >< you have to submit something And if they like it then you're in. okay i had Two shots and in the span of two days i get called, to paraphrase "borIng, and lacking depth." now anyone who knows me knows i am probably one of the least shallow people there are. i mean i'm Very furious...</i>

Excuse me while I go off into a corner and cry.
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