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More Japanese Candy!

Tonight's candy: Gravel Choco! (Picture of package.) The text on it reads: "Watch out! Try to eat!! It's nice, isn't it?!" The big selling point is that it's supposed to look like gravel. Yes, that strikes me as odd, too.

Does it look like what they're intending it to? (Photo.) No. It looks like fake plastic gravel that has had pink paint dribbled on it... or perhaps has some odd sort of pink mold growing on it.

The pink can be explained by the flavor. Ignore that 'choco' in the name, it's actually "Ikoi Strawberry" flavored. I think 'ikoi' might be Japanese for freaky. The texture of them is okay -- they have sort of a candy coating on them that makes for a nice crunch. But the flavor? Very strange and somewhat scary. All three Japanese strawberry candy/cookies that I've tried so far have this strange taste to them. It's almost as if it's strawberry yogurt... though that's not exactly right. There's some sort of flavor below the strawberry, and I can't put my finger on it. Sharp and almost citrus. Odd.

I'm really not sure if I'm going to finish them. Not only do they have a strange taste, they leave a really strong aftertaste. And, as much as I like "fun food", the idea of candy shaped like tiny pebbles really does nothing for me. They get a 3 of 10, which is likely more generous than I should be.
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