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Pretty, Pretty Marshmallow (AKA: Tonight's Japanese Candy)

"Pretty Marshmallow", "pretty candy" -- words that tend not to go together.

"Chocolate-covered cookie marshmallow candy" and "beauty tips" do not exactly go together either, do they?

Until now.

Meet Pretty Marshmallow. (Front of box.) The candy that comes with beauty tips! (Back of box. The details didn't show in the photo, but she has what appears to be either a hot or scented cloth (it has little "vapor lines" coming up off it) held to her face by arms too skinny to be described as stick-like. How to Pretty Style indeed!)

Pretty Marshmallow has an advantage in the taste test: I'm starving. And hey, how could two cookies stuffed with marshmallow and covered in chocolate (picture) go wrong? I opened up the foil wrapper, trying to avoid ripping the baby angel's head in half because God probably wouldn't like me if I did that (even though that angel is clearly evil). Then it hit me. A smell. Try to picture burnt black oil, plus burnt rotten plastic. And the chocolate smell is strong, but also smells bad... as if it's really some fake chemical masquerading as chocolate.

However, as I said, I'm hungry ...and I have a post to get up! So, brave woman that I am, I took a bite. The good news is, the taste isn't anywhere as bad as the smell. In fact, if you're careful not to inhale with it close to your face, it's almost okay. The cookie is really, really moist, as if it was pudding instead of a cookie. (Heck, for all I know it might be.) What little chocolate taste there is to it is that bad, cheap bitter taste, but the marshmallow seems to just as I'd expect it here. The whole thing is really not too bad at all.

Pretty Marshmallow gets a 7 of 10. One point lost for the silly name/beauty tip on the box, one lost for the god awful smell, and one lost for the cheap chocolate.
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