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Two things: "ow ow" and "ow ow".

The first ow ow:

When did I forget that knives and I just do not mix? I needed to break down a bunch of cardboard boxes tonight, so I grabbed a knife and set to work. The very first cut I made, I sliced my darned finger open.

How? My finger was on the blade and I pushed.
Why? Lord knows. I cannot seem to keep track of all ten of my fingers at once, so therefore should not be trusted with knives. I was using my middle one to brace it or balance it while controlling it with my forefinger and thumb. No, it really doesn't make much sense to me either.

The second ow ow:

This will be more painful for you folks than for me: Think about Harry/Ginny and then look here. Cackle! The eyes, the eyes... (The extra r in the file name is because it's rrrrreally scarrrrry. Not a typo I was too lazy to correct. Honest.)
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