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Japanese Candy of the Night, fanfics, and thanks to isiscolo!

I saved "Strawberry Chocolate" for (almost) last because it looked boring. However, the more candies I tried, the more 'boring' changed into 'normal', 'safe', 'okay', 'doesn't leave the taste of a burning oil refinery in my mouth'.

So, as has become habit, I started with taking pictures. I like to take all the photos first, then write up the post as they download. Saves time. So la, la, la, la, I took a picture of the front of the box. I open it up. Simple foil. (Thistle thinks to herself: Yay! It looks so normal! This could pass for American candy!) Rip into the foil. Sniff. Recoil. It's just simple chocolate with strawberry inside (picture blurry, sorry), how in the world can that be done so wrong?

What the heck is it about Japanese candy and strong smells? Do they actually not have chocolate, and so instead add soot to Vaseline and pretend? Gah. I dropped the candy to my desk and took a few more pictures, frowning to myself at the thought of needing to put this into my mouth.

All the photos are downloaded, resized, and uploaded. We're down to the wire, I can't put off trying it any longer. It's on the other end of my desk, and yet still I can smell that strawberry-not-strawberry (the not-quite-strawberry yogurt smell) and that burnt oil smell of Japan's finest "chocolate". Gotta taste it, gotta taste it... Picture of it open. (Eee! It's reaching for you! The foil wants to draw you closer! "Eeeeaaat me! Eeeeaaat me!" it demands.)

Hm. I wonder if in Japan there are people who try American candy and write about how bad it tastes and smells? Okay, so I'm just buying time. I still need to try a bite... here goes...

Unsurprisingly, it tastes bad. Bad in the same way all the others did: Wrong chocolate, that awful burnt oil taste. The texture is pretty bad. It's really mushy. I mean mushy to the point that you could eat this if you only had one tooth on either side of your mouth. On the plus side, at least so far, there's little aftertaste.

Final score? 6 of 10. One point lost for texture, two lost for the smell, and one lost because today is Wednesday.

I have only one more thing left after Strawberry Chocolate, then I need to go buy more if I want to continue poisoning myself for your amusement.



My page of HP 100 word stories has been updated with everything so far, including this week's. The current challenge is to write about Boggarts (a creature that takes the shape of your biggest fear).

Title: No! Anything But That!
Characters: A fan, a Boggart. Mention of others.
Length: 100, on the nose.
House: Slytherin
A/N: What happens when a reader of the HP books meets a Boggart?


Debbie trotted into the kitchen. Less than two weeks until Order of the Phoenix, and she couldn't wait! The cupboard rattled as she passed it. Puzzled, she stopped and opened it, then her eyes went wide.

Lucius appeared (which under other circumstances would make her day), but... Gah! He was kissing Harry's uncle Vernon! On the lips! Hagrid formed next, and Debbie turned green as she spied a naked Colin Creevey in his arms. But the Boggart's final shape was the worst:

Ginny and Harry on the floor, naked... shagging...

Debbie fled to go wash her eyes out with bleach.

Title: It's Finger-Licking Good!
Length: 100, per Word.
House: Slytherin
A/N: Set sometime before CoS.


A Boggart had moved into the Chamber of Secrets. Being dark and quiet, with lots of nooks and enclosed places, it was the perfect place for one. The Basilisk did not realize he had a new neighbor until happening upon the shape-shifter while out hunting rats.

Movement. Movement usually meant food. The Basilisk stared in that direction, intending to catch his dinner-to-be's eyes. The giant snake experienced quite a surprise upon seeing not a rat move out of the shadows, but an old man in white, paper bucket in hand. Chickens, both male and female, followed him.

The rooster crowed.

I like this challenge, and I've been in the mood to write something, so I might do another.


Lastly, but not leastly, thanks to isiscolo! The box arrived today, and I grinned all the while, from taking it out of the mail box to getting it all the way open! If they used pens instead of quills in the HP world, I could so see them using this one! Did you make it? It's really cool, thanks!
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