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Mouth full of blood (and fics, and candy)

I hate going to the dentist. I have sensitive gums, they bleed if you even look at them funny. What do you think happens when the dentist comes at me with needle-sharp metal things, to clean my teeth? Ow, ow, ow, ow. Spit. Wow, all blood. Whee, this is fun.

Worse yet, I need to go back next Monday. For the first time in years, I have a cavity. It's small, but it still needs to be drilled and filled. Gah. Perhaps worse (I was afraid to ask and find out, and really just wanted to get out of there), the doctor said she would have to "do something" so I can floss between my back teeth (they're too tight/close to get floss in there now). I hope it doesn't involve a drill... She mentioned it looked like I might have a cavity started between two molars. And she said if I got a cavity on my wisdom tooth, that it would have to come out (because it's so far back in my mouth). Gods above, it was a happy visit...


Between yesterday and today, I got two really nice fics read. (They weren't really long, I just had little free time.) Lupin's Boggart Class with the Third Year Slytherins and Predators of the Night.

Lupin's Boggart Class's was great because it fleshed out the Slytherins. They do, after all, have families and fears and friends and all that, and this story covered parts of that. Nothing I hate more than one-dimensional bad guys... And Lupin was cool, too. (He's not usually a favorite of mine.)

Predators of the Night I loved, even though it made me deeply sad. I can't say exactly why I loved it without spoiling it... so just read it because I said so! :)

Both of those, along with isiscolo's great drabble and the graphics version of it, have been added to my recs page.


No Japanese candy tonight. My mouth hurts too much to add to the pain by putting crappy chocolate into it. Unless plans change, I'll be going out for dinner tomorrow night. Next to the place is an oriental grocery store. I'll probably duck in and try to pick up a few interesting things.

Man. When did trying new foods become a habit of mine? :P
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