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FFX Thoughts

I like Auron less playing the game this time through than I did the first time I played it. He's really driving Yuna hard. The whole marriage to Seymour thing, his only concern is 'Will you continue with your journey?'. We just killed Seymour (for the first time, ha ha) and got chased out of the temple and are now under the ice. She's fallen on a piece of wood and not getting up. The others are concerned about her and themselves, but Auron still has that one and only concern. Her continuing.

Auron is driven, and it's really showing. I think it's understandable for him to be so focused on this one thing, but I also think it's hurting the others. I dislike Rikku and hate to quote her, but "You didn't have to say it that way!". He *could* be nicer about all this...

I wonder if Auron wants to defeat Sin so badly to free Jecht or to free the world of Sin. Or maybe both. If I understand things correctly, he stuck around after death because of the promise he made to Jecht, to take care of Tidus. He could do that without defeating Sin though, so what's the big push to do that?

In a way, this is a lot like the conflict I had had about Jecht... and it's a good thing. These aren't one-dimensional, shallow, unrealistic people. Like real humans, they're complex and imperfect.

Oh, and I also noticed that as the game progresses, Auron's hair gets more and more grey. That's darned cool.
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