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Japanese burger of the night?

All of this Japanese candy stuff started with peppygrowlithe's love of burgers. When I saw these very cute burger-shaped chocolates? candies? cookies?, I knew I had to get some for him. Now that I've reviewed all of the other things, I'll do this!

I have no idea what they're called, but the company's homepage is here.

Outside of box: Picture.
Opened box: Picture.
Close up of inside: Picture.

Upon opening one of the foil packages, I noticed two things. The first was that odd "Japanese fake chocolate" smell, and the second was that they were all melted together (See?). I hope peppygrowlithe's arrived in better shape, though I doubt it.

Though they have fake little seeds on the "buns" (Semi-fuzzy photo.), they look mostly harmless (and peppygrowlithe survived eating them), so I'm less worried than usual to try these.

The "bun" part actually tastes somewhat like a bun. I think those fake seeds might be corn starch. It's pretty darned gross, chocolate on a bun. I would guess that maybe the chocolate might be okay on its own, but with a bread/sesame seed taste? Very, very strange.

There's a burnt taste to these, but I suspect it's on purpose. I think they were trying to make the buns taste toasted. While I can't convey just how strange these are, I can't call them awful. Zero aftertaste (thank you!), and on its own the chocolate in these might be the best in all of the foreign candies so far. So not terrible, but strange as heck. (Unless all other food on Earth vanishes, I won't be finishing these, but the ones I had to eat aren't making me wish to put my finger down my throat.)

They get a seven of ten. Points gained for a really cute box, fun product, and good idea, but lost for attempting to get the real flavor of a bun instead of going with a tasty, sweet cookie. More points lost because the box shows mustard, and if they're going with a real bun taste, wouldn't it be easier to color some chocolate yellow and add it? ...Ah, wait, there *is* some yellow in there, it's just hard to spot because of the melting. Good work, Japan! An extra point to you!


On Friday, I got a bunch of new things to try:
Cookies shaped like pandas with Down's Syndrome
Animal Biscuits with a twist
peel (what was I thinking??)
"jelly drink" (which is the one I'm most scared of and curious about. You'll see why.)
A dipping thing
And last but not least... Let me quote from the bag instead of trying to describe it: (The candy is) ...imposing as a southern island king crowned in glory...

It's going to be an interesting week.
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