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An open letter to my father on this special day.

fealu_bryne's post on fathers made me decide to do one as well. Lack of fluffy bunnies ahead!

Dear dad,

Though I haven't seen you in almost 15 years, I'm not missing you at all. I know it would hurt you to know that I don't hardly ever even think of you, so I wish you could know that without me needing to communicate with you.

Thanks, dad, for attempting to screw up not just my life, but my sister's and mother's as well. Thanks for using what power you had to try to set us against each other. Thanks for one Christmas giving me a computer, a set of $1,000 books, and a new wardrobe... and giving my sister only a dress and then telling her she looks fat in it. Then doing the reverse the next year.

Thanks for doing things like canceling *birthdays* because of such major failings as not rinsing a dish before putting it in the sink.

Thanks for controlling food, for hiding it, for bringing the only sweets into the house and then *forbidding* anyone but yourself from eating them. I credit you with my wrong attitudes towards food.

Thanks most of all for trying to hurt my mother in every way you could. Bastard that you are, you made her call the cops how many times to get you out of the house? And how many thousands of dollars do you STILL owe in child support? And you followed her? And had your friends harass her? If I believed in hell, I'd hope there was a special place for "men" like you.

I hate you. Within you is nearly everything wrong with men. ...or are you expecting thanks because you never physically or sexually abused us? If I go the rest of my life without seeing you, I will be a happy woman. If I go the rest of my life without thinking of you ever again, I'll be even happier.

On this Father's Day, I hope you remember your first family. I know you did this to a second family as well, and I bet there were more after that. Liked having people under your power, didn't you? Liked controlling people, hurting them, making them fight for your attention? For your "love"?

Do the world a favor and die soon,

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