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Quite quiz, nightmare, slash, Saturday - book, McDonalds

Very uncommonly, taking this quiz was a lot more fun than the results. Go! Take it now! You'll giggle! (Unless you're outside the HP fandom, then you'll probably just feel mighty protective of your ass.)

Stolen from frances_jane:

You self righteous nazi. You will be overthrown by
the fandom, and crawl out in shame. You and
your random fucking "submission
dates." You're not the only archive on
the Internet, but you're sure the most
unimaginative. Oh - and we heard about the
tattoos. What are you, retarded Death Eaters?
Fuck SPEW and the letter X, you Marxist

How Will You be Expelled from the Harry Potter Fandom?
brought to you by Quizilla


Aren't nightmares supposed to be something mostly only children get? Is it normal for adults to get them on a regular basis? Because I'm getting really tired of them. Woke up with a gasp at 2:30 this morning, and was afraid to go back to sleep in case the nightmare continued, so stayed up a while.

Nice thing: Once I did go back to bed, my cat came over and pressed herself against me, purring and rubbing her head on me. Maybe I smelled scared?


Slash: I think I might have gotten around the inability to read slash at work, at least with some planning ahead. A Wizard Song is rated NC-17, which is very not work safe... so I saved it into a text file and emailed it to myself as an attachment. It would have been better to save it on a disk and carry it in, but I wasn't that well-prepared. This will (should) keep it from going through any webpage keyword sniffer. (We get lots of porn spam, so if it triggers something in email, maybe it will be passed off as that.)

The things I do for my m/m lovin'...

Edited to add:
Something seems to have failed somewhere along the way, for I don't have the email here at work. Very odd...

Oh well, no Wizard Song for me.

So the new HP book comes out on Saturday, right? And I've been plotting and planning how to stalk the mailman and get it earlier. Well, stupid me forgot that I long ago agreed to GM on Saturday! ARG! That means no reading for me, even if I have it in hand!

I've never slacked on or not done MUSH work, to the point of putting my health and happiness second, but I seriously considered it for this! I'm going to have the darned book sitting next to me, on my oh so short weekend, and I won't be able to read it. Sniff!


Lastly, I highly approve of those McDonalds pancake breakfast sandwich things. Normally I avoid McDonalds food like the plague (because it affects me like the plague...) but these sandwiches *rock*. Mmm, bacon.
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