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I'm insane, you're insane, we're all insane! Wheee!

Started reading fic: 8 AM.
Stopped reading fic: 11:30 PM.
Eyes fell out and rolled across the desk: 10 PM.
Value of A Wizard Song: Priceless.

I'm insane. I've been reading this story for (counts on fingers) almost 16 hours straight. (The first eight hours being as straight as reading from work permits). I'm not even *done* with the darned thing yet, have three or four chapters left. (Saved to disk for tomorrow.)

More insane than me reading this for so long: Someone *wrote* all this. For free. Wrote it *well*. My. God. I'm told she worked about a year and a half on this? I can believe it... assuming she worked straight through all that time. "Novel length" indeed. Someone put all this time into writing, editing, everything, and is sharing it for free. Blows my mind. Someone should buy these people cars and cats and naked gay men to serve them icy drinks out by the pools we'll buy them. (As opposed to "out by the poos", which is what I typed first. Tired. Eyes failing. Poo!)

Cat is firmly informing me that it's past bedtime, so off I go. You writers are insane. I love you all, but you're batty as heck, and us readers are all the luckier for it. :)
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