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So sexy that it causes x's to drip from your monitor

First off, mostly to mock Flaky_Buttocks, my new wallpaper! Yes, this is the screen I stare at all night. Mmmm.

Second, I was really, really intending to do another Japanese candy review tonight, but with only a couple hours of sleep over the past two nights, and no dinner (made pasta, but it came out crappy. How can I ruin noodles and sauce from a jar?). So instead of feeling creative, I'm grumpy.

Lastly, I'm disappointed by this week's hp100 challenge. It's not a bad topic, I'm just totally and utterly uninspired by it. It doesn't interest me to the point where I've not read a single story written for it. The History of Hogwarts book? There are probably some good ideas out there, but I don't have any. I've never missed a week on the challenges, I even wrote for the first one, so I'm a little sad.
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