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I am very brave or very stupid. Or both!

Though I'm bemoaning my lack of reading time for OoP, I've joined hplyric (saw the link in malecrit's LJ). It looks like a fun writing group: There's a list of members, and you send lyrics for a song to the person below you on the list. They (and you) write a story based on the lyrics (and using some of the lines).

I've been wanting to write something a little longer, but I sort of need a push to do it (yay deadlines!), so this seemed like a good thing. Now, non-musical me has to find some lyrics to send someone else. Hope the group isn't full of teens who are expecting some currently popular song. (Though a Snape fic based on that Thong Song could be... amusing? painful? scary?)

Edited to add: Well, that was easy. Found some lyrics I'd *love* to write stories for. (I can think of at least three off the top of my head!)
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