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Thistle's Busy Day!

It's only 9 AM, and already I'm frantic (but in a good way!).

The book! The book! The book! The book!


So far this morning:

* A reporter contacted me! (Me! Me!) on a story about fics! How cool and unexpected is that?

* mctabby posted a list of chapters in the new HP book (here). My god, my god, my god! How am I not going to skip to a certain chapter? Eee!

* I have, sitting in my email box, a spoiler on who dies. I haven't looked at it because I haven't had time yet, though I'm fully intending to soon!

* I both sent out and got my lyrics for that story-writing group. I had never heard of the song before, but the lyrics rock. This will so be my first Harry/Snape story! WOO! And I checked, and they had a clip of the song posted. Even the voice/way of singing will fit what I'm intending! (Aie, but how to sit still and write? And where to find time after today?)

Wow, I had intended to write about more than HP foo, but there's nothing else in my head right now! How am I going to get through eight more hours of work? Ee ee ee!

I'm pretty much decided against going to a bookstore tonight. I think I'd do better by sleeping and then being able to read and not be tired on Saturday... Though I'm wavering back and forth a little, because I'd like to see what the bookstores will be like and people in costume and all that...

Eeee eee eee! How can I sit still?

Oh! Didodikali (the artist/writer who drew/wrote Teacher's Pet) put up a rough draft of a cute-as-heck HP story she was working on.

I love her art so much! It's amazing and I love it and I love everyone!

(Can you believe I've not had a drop of caffeine yet today? *boing!* *bounce* Who needs it? I didn't even sleep much last night (or all week) and I'm bouncing off walls. Yay!)
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