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Fics and Fics!

The reporter lady is pretty nice, though it's easy to tell she's not a HP fan. We're talking about why blindness is so prevalent in the fandom (at least when it comes to stories with disabilities). Her thought was that it was because Harry wears glasses. I think it's an easy power exchange thing. I'll be interested in seeing her story when she's finished with it.

And speaking of fics, I wrote mine for the lyrics group! Yay! Now, if only it wasn't sappy. :) The lyrics are all about loving someone you shouldn't, being alone, love, and more love, so of course I had to do a little Harry/Snape thing. Since we have three weeks to do this, I'm now going to sit on it and not read it for a number of days, so I can look at it with fresher eyes later. (No betas are permitted, blah.) Also, I need a title. I hate titles, I can never think of good ones.

I hope people who go to midnight HP parties take lots and lots of photos.
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