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*blink* "Ow." *blink* "Ow." *blink* "Ow."

Paying for reading for 18 hours without reading glasses (am very blind, so glasses/contacts are very strong, reading glasses weaken them so I'm not over-corrected for close-up work). Hard to focus eyes, headache, dry eyes to the max. To the max, baby!

I'm very, very much enjoying reading everyone else's thoughts on the book. I no longer really deal with my friendsfriends list, I now just go to various peoples' friends pages, depending on what I'm looking for. (McTabby's for HP friendsfriends foo, Hyper's for MUSH player friendsfriends, Mallen's for Bay Area friendsfriends, etc.) The HP fandom (at least this circle of it) is made up of smart, well-written folk. I'm proud to be part of this fandom more than any one I was a part of before.

While getting ready for work this morning, I noticed I didn't really mind Ginny anymore. I don't *love* her, but I don't dislike her anymore, either. She's maturing nicely.

I half-want to read the book again, but I'm not ready to. I'm sure that reading a book this long straight through was not the way to experience it. I wonder if part of the reason I wasn't happy with it was because I pushed myself to finish it quickly? Once I'm ready to look at it again (not for a while), I'll give it another chance. I almost feel guilty for not taking good notes, too. I did for the first few chapters, then gave it up and just read.
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