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You know you're bored when...

You know you're bored when you re-make a quiz's results graphic.

This is the original. I didn't have a font that exactly matched the 'fluff', and I didn't bother trying to make the dotted line closer of a match, but those are just little details. The text is all but illegible in the original, that's the main reason I remade it.

But anyway, I'm posting it not to insult whoever made the original graphic, but because upon some thought I realized that the result is correct. Years ago I would have been all over stories for the sex in them, but now if there's not plot and something besides just sex, I just shrug and "eh" at it. Sex/smut is nice, but I want the characters to be in love and have some sort of relationship as well.

Sort of an odd shift, huh? Makes me feel old.
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