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Sunday Morning Snark

Crawled out of bed too early (especially after a night of little to no sleep) and sat down to check my email.

Subject: [roughside] READ THIS and I SWEAR on all HP slash you will NOT regret it!

(Roughside is a mailing list for HP slash.)

The English professor in my head (who is hardly awake either, crouched over the coffee mug he's holding between his hands) started frowning and making unhappy noises at this point). Glutton for punishment that I am, I opened the email and read it anyway.

heyo! sorry for the sorta "screaming" subject but i SO needed your attention.

Okay, tell me why you can find your shift key when you feel like typing in all-caps, but not where it's *necessary*?

i just read the most amazing story ever! it's HP/SS (CONTINUE READING!!!) and while i know that most people are not that particular to this certain pairing, i swear to you that you WILL enjoy this story.

Excuse me? I do believe that there are quite a few people who like HP/SS, *especially* on a mailing list for adult fanfics/slash.

it's novella length and you will not stop reading until the last word. the plot is utterly seemless and there are scenes in it that make you ACHE. i don't know how on earth this could be possible but its true.
i'll tell you right now its angsty romance and there are scenes that are definitely tear-jerking. i, for one, completely admit to bawling my eyes out. i wish to say nothing more for fear of ruining it but i swear to you again that there is nothing in this world that can "UN-convince" me that this is not a nice, heartbreakingly beautiful story.

You know, this story she's recommending could be the best story ever written, but why am I to assume it's not of the quality of this person's email? If she writes like crap, I'd suspect she wouldn't know the difference between crap and good writing in stories.

Grump, grump. Why don't more people care? Emails, MU*s, and IMs are all text-based forms of communication. Your typing is the first impression you make. Why do you not care if you come off as a handless troll beating his stumps against the keyboard?
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