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Fanfic talk, grump

Didn't sleep more than an hour or two last night. Grumpy. I go through the FA chapter owl mailings at work, since this is where I do most of my fic-reading. Patience shorter than usual, summaries seem worse than usual:

Harry is back to Dursleys... Snape is coming over to him there to help him learn how to Apparate, and at the end, there is a lot of dead people.
Sounds like Snape really shouldn't be teaching then...

In an attempt to save her dying mother, Ginny Weasley strikes a desperate bargain with Draco Malfoy. She needs money . . . and he needs a wife.
Yeah, because Draco would have such a hard time finding a wife, right?

Returning from a long and painful summer, in which he was raped and beaten by his father, Draco finds he has feelings for his worst enemy, Harry Potter.
Beaten by his father? Maybe I can buy that. Raped? Uh... no.

In this chapter: explanations, Professor McGonagall pays a visit to the Hospital Wing … but why should she be trying to snog Madam Pomfrey senseless?
Why indeed. No, wait, don't answer that.

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