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Sleepy kitty time


Ran an impromptu ONS tonight. Was fun. Named a character Mark after mallen. While he did have a temper, he was also totally straight (and got the pretty girl in the end!), so mallen should be happy. There was this part about a bisexual PC drooling at him, but that wasn't my fault! Honest!

Another NPC, a smart but plain girl, got named after Hyper's (peppygrowlithe's) Melissa. ("Code Growlithe", baby!) The two other NPCs weren't based on anyone, really.

Had other stuff to write about, but it's flown out of my head. Zzz. Bedtime.

Edited to add: Catlove is being a serious bitch. If I haven't replied to email or LJ comments from you, it's because I can't get to my mail. Supposedly they're working on the problem...
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