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Shopping Therapy and Durmstrang Chronicles

Half to make up for the crappy work day and half because I had been looking for one of these anyway, I improved my evening by spending money!

This was what I had been hunting online for since I first spotted it: A Harry Potter Quidditch mobile. I love mobiles. They fall into the "dipping sauce" category of my life. (Food is good, but food that is fun is infinitely better. Thus things that can be dipped are more fun than things that cannot be.) They're great, fun things.

The other thing is a Scabbers Clock. Yay Scabbers!

I also wanted:
A mini-banner (with all the house crests on it), but that was sold out everywhere.
A Slytheryn mug, but it was also sold out on all the sites I found.


In totally unrelated news, I had written up my rec for The Durmstrang Chronicles while at work, but since I didn't have time to update my recs page I emailed the write-up to my home account. It never got here, grr. That's three pieces of mail in two days that Comcast has lost -- not a great way to start a relationship with a new ISP.

I'm really, really enjoying Chronicles. Nice and dark and rich and mature. Great characterization and details. It's one of those stories that just pulls you in from the first sentence and you can just feel the story happening around you. Luckily I've only read the first two stories so far, so I have a few more ahead of me.
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