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Sometimes you gotta do things to amuse yourself. I made the IC post about last night's PC death (the character was thrown down into a canyon by another PC and died from the fall). From the IC post:

Jack Matherson, Pokemon League Official, released a statement once the news story came to light. "Situations like this are very, very uncommon. Most trainers are stable and well-grounded. Pokemon battles almost never turn to physical fights between the trainers. Our apologies go to the families of both trainers."

Well-grounded. Fell to his death, crashing into the canyon floor. Well and truly grounded. Snerk.

(For those playing at home, death on PokeMUSH is very rare. About three deaths in the last three years. We only do it when given no other choice.)

Other assorted notes:
* Popcorn and french toast for dinner does wonders to improve a mood.
* Spike. Insane Spike. God, I love Buffy.
* Willow. I never overly drooled over her, but tonight... mmm. Mmm.
* Das ist alles.
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