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Trigger Happy Post

Lazy Saturday. Not getting done half the things I wanted to do. About the only productive thing I've done today was make a bunch of screenshots and post them. Most were for AC, so won't interest any of you folks (or if they did, you'd probably catch them in the post to the AC group). Just a few for you people:

I've mentioned it before, but I love Trigger Happy TV. Each clip lasts only about 30-60 seconds, but every single one makes me laugh. Some of my favorite ones are these

(Darned reflection from my window messed up the rat's face in the first one.)

Though this one ticked me as well: random man just standing on the sidewalk, and the Village People show up and stand with him. It's all so silly, it just makes me giggle endlessly.

Merick has a sexy back. Mmm.

I need to add this to my Simpsons screenshots page. Lesbians of the Caribbean. I took a bunch of shots, but couldn't get any better quality.
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