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Mmm, Art-y Goodness

Thanks to a link from gmth, I found some amazing art. Seriously realistic, good stuff. She only sells prints two months out of the year, and luckily it's August-September, so I'll be able to get prints soon! I've limited myself to two. And, though she has HP stuff, neither is from it.

(Neither is graphic, though both imply friendly guys.) -- I'm not a LOTR fangirl (I've only seen bits and pieces of the movies), and so I didn't know the characters when I picked this one. Chia tells me they're brothers (oops), but I like the picture a lot, so I'm sticking with it. -- From the Fast and the Furious, which I attempted to watch but was laughing too hard at it to follow the plot.

I'll probably put them up on my wall and shock my mother when she comes to visit.

Speaking of which, my new-to-computers mother has finally figured out IMing. Part of me is proud about that (she's literally never even touched a computer before Christmas), but part of me worries at the idea of her being able to contact me as much as she likes, as often as she likes. (She spends an impressive amount of time online, playing all of AOL's games. Hopefully she's staying out of chatrooms.) I shouldn't worry though, she's been good about it thus far.
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