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You know you're really anal when... get offended by a quiz result claiming that you have poor grammar and misspell things.

You are an unbetaed goodfic!
You are an unbetaed goodfic!

What Type of Harry Potter Badfic Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I do not! You take that back! *sniffle*

This brings up something I had wanted to mention a while back. I am, in fact, a freak. Of late, I've been getting this great rush of pride when I write a really long LJ post and have no typos or misspellings in it. I know such things can be caught and corrected by the spell checker, but I like that I find them first.

And speaking of which, the word "spell checker" annoys me. It seems like it should be one word (spellchecker), or at the very least hyphenated (spell-checker), but the correct way seems to be two words (spell checker). Two words seems so wrong. Kind of like "sign up". Two words? One? Hyphenated?

I was really happy when I found compound adjectives (or rather, that there was a term for that type of thing). I think that there should be a "compound noun" for things like spell checker and sign up.

Yes. Enough rambling for tonight.

Edited to add: Bittersweet Potion (or rather, the sequel 'Procul His') has been updated! Yay! They seem to have set up a mailing list going. I don't see a sign-... eh, sign up address, so maybe just write to the person who sent it (alchemia_dent @ -- remove the spaces).
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