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Signs of a good fic:

I just finished the Durmstrang Chronicles by Loup Noir, but the characters won't get out of my head! After reading six stories in the series, I know a lot about them, but there's so much more!

Jones's friendship with the Aurors. She seems to really like them, but how much of it is because of self-preservation?

Werner. Mrrrowl. Who would have ever thought that I'd be interested in a good guy? Well, he's an Auror anyway, I guess not so much a good guy. That's what makes him so fascinating: He's supposed to be a good guy, but things work differently at Durmstrang.

I liked Wronski through the series, but in the last story (Duty) my like turned to love. He's so *human*, all the characters are. They all have good and bad in them, some more of one of those, some more of the other.

Loup (the character, not the author) bothers me a little, but it's her character. She is, quite literally, a bitch.

Loup (the author) has done such an amazing thing: He's done to Durmstrang what JKR did to Hogwarts. It's a rich setting full of realistic characters. And personally I like Durmstrang a whole lot more: It's a dark, adult place where the balance of power is ever-shifting.

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