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Four hours of sleep last night.
Four hours of sleep the night before.

Not enough sleep.



This week's HP100 challenge: Where is he? You know, him, the dead one. Or "dead" one, depending on your theory. What exactly is behind that veil, and whose voices are heard through it?

Title: Hermione was Wrong
House: Slytherin
Word Count: 100, per Word
Characters: The dead doggy.

Sirius stumbles to a stop on the other side of the veil. The cold is the first thing he notices, followed quickly by the massive orb dominating the sky above. Then the ground shakes, and both the temperature and the heavenly body above are forgotten as he spots the cause.

An endless sea of tiny furry bodies rushes towards him, squeaking as they run. Mice..? They part, running around and between his feet. Confused, he looks up. The swirling red spot on the planet is noticed. That's Jupiter? He's on one of the moons? And what's with all the mice?

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