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From hating Harry Potter to loving it: One Month's Journey

I decided to look at my old posts and follow my change from hating HP to becoming a fan. Surprisingly, it took exactly one month to go from unenthusiastically ordering them (for lack of anything else to read) to drooling and demanding Book Five.

For the most part, posts covered many topics. In those cases, I just took the stuff about HP and left the rest.

Upcoming Amazon boxes:

1) One with books! (Imagine that!) All the Harry Potter books (I haven't read them yet, but everyone keeps telling me to, so...)

* Harry Potter: Finished the first Harry Potter book last night. While I liked it, I didn't love it, and would never rave about it to people as they did to me. 1) The characters had no descriptions. Not even basic things like hair color. They had one or two traits that were mentioned (fat, say). 2) Like the character descriptions, the characters were pretty one-dimensional to the point of being unrealistic for some of them (the spoiled kid, for example). 3) There were big parts of the storyline that were unrealistic as well. 4) Harry was too perfect. No matter those things, I am looking forward to reading the next books. They only keep doubling in size, so I hope she gets over that lack of character description, at least.


*HP: I finished the second Harry Potter book last night. (Sorry, Kuruma, I'll keep this short and there'll be no fanly gushing.) It was a very fast read (two nights, about three-four hours, for 350 pages). I guess I liked it, I stayed up an hour late to finish it, but like the first one it didn't turn me into a raging fangirl.

I think I pinpointed one of my main problems with the series thus far: These kids, most of them having little to know experience in magic ever before, are smarter, faster, better, more clever, wiser, and more observant than their teachers (who have a lifetime of experience and are experts in their fields). These kids, ten years old, quickly figure out and solve deadly problems while the teachers are all still scratching their heads. I bet that's one of the reasons kids like the books so much...

Subject: Bah. Spoilers.
My own fault for reading books after everyone else. I've gotten two Harry Potter (book 3) spoilers just by looking at a drawing board (drawings of any and all subjects).

Mutter, mutter.

One of the things I figured out last night after I put the book down (Lupin's secret. I had some clues, then noticed the missing letter in his name), but the stupid drawing confirmed it.

The other thing was the whole solution to the main character's big problem in this book.


The Ultimate *Which Harry Potter Character are You?* Quiz (Got Draco)

I don't think that's totally correct, but I'm still cool with it.

Subject: It's Potterday! Eh, Thursday!
I (once more) stayed up late last night to finish a Harry Potter book, the third one this time. As Firebyrd said, I think it's the best of the series thus far. I'm looking forward to reading the last one tonight.

For the first time, I didn't guess the ending of a Potter book. This is a cool thing. Also, one of the spoilers that I had sadly seen (that Black was actually
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) was totally wrong. The other spoiler, that Lupin was a werewolf, was correct.

HP was less perfect in this book, which pleased me. Snape is getting worse; in the first two books, while he didn't like Harry, he appeared worse than he really was. Halfway through this book, when Snape took over the Defenses class and taught them about werewolves ahead of time, I thought he was doing it to protect the kids. One of the characters said he was doing it so that they'd find out what Lupin was, and since he later spread the tale around the school (or so we're told), I guess he really did teach it to hurt and not help... I have a feeling he'll be even worse in the next book, with how much more he hates HP.

There was a bit of a plothole that I saw. In the end of the book, when Snape was so sure HP had helped Black escape even though it seemed he couldn't have, the headmaster said something like 'What? You think he can be in two places at once?' which is exactly what they did with Hermione's time traveling charm. I hope they deal with this in the next book and close this hole, but I doubt it. Teachers know or can easily find out a student's class schedule. How easy would it be for Snape to see that Hermione was taking more classes than she really could, and to know she had some time traveling thing? Plus he has to know they exist...

I really liked the twist about the cat (Uh, Crookshank, I think the name was?) being right and having sniffed out that the rat was a mage all along. The whole rat/Peter thing was a fun twist to the story. Also, HP seeing his future self was keen.

I really want to read the last couple chapters again, when I'm not dead tired and half asleep.

End of cut.
Luckily the books are getting longer and not shorter as the series goes on.

Tivo should be recording the first HP movie for me this afternoon (please work right, please work right, please work right!). I'm really looking forward to seeing it (I was avoiding it till I read the book). After I see it, then I need to get my butt to the movie theater to see the second one. It's been keen seeing ads on TV, since now I know what they all mean.

I've actually been pondering buying some HP toys for the top of my computer... Does this mean I'm turning into a fangirl? :P

Turns out I remembered incorrectly: The Harry Potter movie was on at 5:30, not 2:30. This was good, as sometimes Tivo doesn't record things correctly (it has Issues with correctly changing the channel fully, so when it's supposed to change to 553, it might go to 53 or 55 or 5 or 3...), so I was sure to be able to watch it. Got home, sat down, watched the movie.

Boy, was it good. I loved it, it was really, really close to the book. My only complaint isn't a valid one: Two and a half hours was too long. I know, I know, that's normal movie length, but an hour into it I couldn't sit still, and at an hour and a half I was ready to move on and just let Tivo record the rest. Luckily the MUSH started needing my attention, so I did the two things at once and got through the movie. It really was very good.

I'm about halfway through the fourth HP book. Everyone who said the third book was their favorite was right. I'm not disliking Goblet of Fire, but I'm not liking it anywhere near as much. The first 100-150 pages were "fluff". The whole elf liberation thing makes me want to slap Hermione across the face. And maybe it's because I read all four books in a row, but the whole 'Secret plot to kill Harry!' thing is really old. Oh! Oh! Oh! Who ever could it be trying to kill Harry this time! Hmm... could it be... a follower of He Who Cannot Be Named? *gasp!* No way!

But even with my gripes, I'm still enjoying reading it. Her books have great heart, if nothing else. Oh, and I saw an interview with her over the weekend. The seventh book will be the last of the series for sure; she has the final chapter of it already written. Boy, she seemed like a nice person. I wish I had seen the whole interview. (Biography did an hour long special on her, I caught the last 20 minutes or so.)

The reason for my short sleep this week is that I'm almost done with the GoF HP book. It took me longer to get into this one than the last few, but now that I'm nearing the end I'm really enjoying it. Last night I had to stop reading at a cliffhanger, I was just too tired to continue. (I'm one chapter past Cedric and Harry grabbing the cup, Harry's in a very sticky situation.) I have theories on how Harry will survive this time, but I hope (as in the other books) that the writer proves me wrong.

Subject: Yay/Aw! Finished the last book
Kuruma, you really, really should read the Harry Potter books. Even if you don't get into fan-end of things, they're a wonderful read. Great stories.

Yay! And aw! I finished Goblet of Fire last night! The ending was sort of a surprise, too. I suspected the right person, but then it turned out that the right person wasn't, eh, the right person (being vague to avoid spoilers). While there was some fluff in this book, I really enjoyed it and loved the setup for the future books in the series. Aie! Why isn't the fifth book out now?! Write faster!

Snape was much, much better in this book than in the third one. He almost seemed off-character in the third one, but this book made up for it. He's really one of the more interesting characters. I wouldn't be surprised if by the last book he became a sort of hero...

In this book especially, I can see why some parents might have had some issues with younger kids reading the books. That graveyard scene (near the end of the book, after the finish of the Triwizard Tournament thingie) was especially... 'graphic' doesn't really fit, but it was disturbing. What Wormtail did for the spell and the effect of that on him. What happened to the two students. Even just talking about the Death Eaters and how they'd gone underground and what punishment he'd hand out... really serious stuff. I cannot wait for the next book!

Continuing the 'stuff that would likely disturb parents', I like how she handled the effect of all this on Harry. Unlike the other books, he didn't just wave it off and go on with life. I'm really, really curious about what it'll be like at his home over the summer. I think this will have matured him a lot... or maybe 'aged him' is a better description?

Eek, eek, how do I wait for the next book? Want it now! Want it now! Want it now!

And after that, my LJ becomes about 90%% HP. :)

I feel so silly now. Heh. I'm glad I gave them a try though! And funny, most (though not all) of my complaints haven't changed. And I totally forgot about that plot hole, too!
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