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Like most folks in this area, I work out of a cube. Three low walls, one wall with a door-less door. Up until two weeks ago, this didn't bother me. I had really great neighbors who were mostly quiet and were fun when they weren't quiet.

Two weeks ago, the company moved them elsewhere in the building and another team moved in around me. While they're nice people, not one of them is from this country, and wherever they are from their idea of "manners" must be very different.

Things I hear on a daily basis:

* *sssllllurrrp* *smack* *smack* It's like a contest to see which of them can eat fruit the loudest. You can hear it from down the hall. It makes me shudder and hope to never see a tree ever again.

* *SNIP!* *SNIP!* *SNIP!* The whole lot of them clip their nails at their desk. This drives me batty. It is disgusting. I totally expect nail clippings to come flying over the wall and land in my drink. Do it at home, people!

* *ffftttp* *vvvept* *eeeet* Gas. Lots of it. high-pitched, drawn out, squeaky gas.

They really are nice people, but they appear to have no idea how to act in public. *shudder*
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