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The Quaker Oat man lied to me.

For a year or two now, I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast nearly every morning. In the beginning I liked it, now I'm seriously blah about it, but it's good for you ("Heart-Healthy!"), so I stuck with it. They said you needed a "big bowl" to get the full benefits of it.

One serving is a big bowl, right? I never finish a whole packet, I eat between a quarter and three-fourths of one... Nope! You need to eat three packets/servings of it a day to get the "remove cholesterol" effect.


I'm undecided between giving up on it (never eating it again), and eating it three times a day. Maybe some non-instant oatmeal would require eating less than three cups/servings... I should have listened closer to Alton Brown!

Edited to add: Did some research, and yeah. The instant stuff in a pouch has less soluble fiber than the other stuff. Need to eat: Three cups of the instant (or) 1 1/2 cups "normal" oatmeal (or) 1 cup of "hot bran" cereal.

Wonder how I can eat the normal stuff at work... Hm.
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