September 12th, 2002



Maybe I should update this thing, since now it'll appear on the PokeMUSH friends-page?

If only I had something fun and exciting to update it with, like Gale (Firebyrd) and her teeth. But alas, all I have is a tale of aching shoulders and wrists, as well as tingling fingers.

Eventually I'll get done with this darned FFX game and be able to return to normal life. I think I'm about halfway through it. I'm up later than usual tonight because I couldn't end the game when I wanted to (a darned three-part boss... no save point... then a maze... Like heck I was going to stop before saving). But I beat that badguy and I found my way out of the snow-maze-cave-thingie without running into too many walls, and I was chased through more snow till I came to a save point. And I saved, and I stopped. 20 minutes before bedtime. This wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't sat down almost as soon as I got home from work (at 5, five and a half hours earlier). I'm tired, but the evening seems gone without a trace.


For Chia mostly, though Mr. Valentino might be interested in this as well if he comes across it: I scanned some sample pages from the Jecht/Auron doujinshi that just arrived from Japan. #2 is not work safe, the others should be fine. (Not work safe)

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