October 7th, 2002


Midnight Coding

Nothing like breaking your MUSH after bedtime. On worknights, I try to be in bed by 11, asleep by 12. Not being very tired last night, at 11:30 I sat down to try to fix a little glitch which had been bugging me for a while.

At 11:45, the biggest and most oft-used programs on the MUSH failed. Totally and utterly. Oh god. This bit of code had literally taken me *weeks* to write. It's giant. I'm afraid of it now, I hardly understand how I did it all. At nearly midnight it stopped working. Since people were online and needing it, I stayed up to try to fix it. I couldn't, but I got a workaround in place to let people continue overnight. This morning I got up and with help from the TinyMUSH list got it working again... at least to the point where it had been before I touched it last night.

So the glitch is still there. I'm poking at it now.

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The Ironing is Delicious

After complaining all last week about it being too cold, today there's no AC. 90-something degrees out (in October!), top floor, 200 computers and 100 smelly people. Two more hours. I'm gonna die!
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Death on PokeMUSH, Tons of Scan, Drawing Help

Below, in order: IC/MUSH deaths, lots of FFX scans, and drawing hints.

I had to GM two scenes at once tonight, though one of them was more of a judging than GMing (I didn't actually pose). Our MUSH's theme is Pokemon, and so you'd think there really wouldn't be much death. Usually that's true, but sometimes players twist our arms into it. Our Team Rocket is not a bunch of useless people who "Blast Off" and fly into walls and crap like that, they tend to be more like the mob. Players know this, it is no secret, yet one went somewhere alone with one of the worst Rockets, at night, in the thick fog, then pissed him off. Players: We don't want to kill you! Stop doing stupid things! All the staffers online at the time read the log and we came to an agreement as to what would happen. (I don't mind making decisions on my own, but this one had some extra stuff about it, so I wanted other opinions.) At least the other scene I was GMing at the time wasn't about death (or at least not literal death, heh).

I crawled under my desk and got all the cords and such arranged! Woo woo. Did lots of scanning! Also, I got an eBay order and now have Tidus and Yuna figures on my computer! (They don't make Auron in these smaller sizes, and of course no Jecht.) I pulled Yuna's arm off taking her out of the package. I snickered. Tidus's outfit is really cool, it looks and feels like real leather, and it has a real, non-plastic chain! I took pictures, I'll upload them probably tomorrow or later tonight.

http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/taleforyou1.jpg - Tales For you (cover). Semi-big. This is the telephone-sized book with a few thousand pictures in it, at least one for every scene in the game.

http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/taleforyou2.jpg - Sample page. Yes, alas it's all in Japanese, but the pictures are darned cool! Jecht sphere scene.

http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/taleforyou3.jpg - SPOILER! Big image, too. Double page. The end scenes. Mmmm, nice nice nice.

(If you want pictures from some scene, leave me a comment and I'll scan it.)

http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/auronpostcard.jpg - "Now is *not* the time." Auron post card, as the file name says. I got a book of postcards, most were art I've seen elsewhere, but you can't have too much Auron!

From my new book!
http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/page1.jpg -- Why's Jecht eyeing Tidus's crotch?
http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/page2.jpg -- *Something's* going on here...
http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/page3.jpg -- Cute Braska
http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/page5.jpg -- Auron gets beaten over the head by Braska.
http://www.byte-me.org/~sallymac/page4.jpg -- Jecht's turn to be beaten!

Since a number of folks thanked me for my last drawing tip, here's partly my next one!
Lots of people can't draw people. I couldn't. Now I can! How? Can you draw a cylinder (an extended circle)? If so, you can draw people!

This one is from a book, I'll do one myself when I have time. See? It's just a series of shapes. Just stack 'em up right. This is only one way to draw people, and other people have success with other ways, so try out a couple of them and see what feels right to you! I actually use other shapes as well, like a, um, rhombus? The square with the fatter base than top. I use that shape for hips and a retangle for the torse. You do need to do some reading (and watching people!) to see about muscles though. You need to change and adjust these shapes to make them look right.
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Since I was doing all the other scans, I decided to get the photo downloaded from the camera and uploaded to the net.


It was surprisingly hard to get a picture of these two. I had to take about twenty, half with flash and half without, and this was the only one you could see anything on. (Well, other than lots of desk clutter and cat meds!) They look a lot better than it seems in the photo, Tidus especially. Between his leather-looking outfit and the chains, he actually looks more manly than in the game. His sneakers and socks are pretty keen, too. I overpaid for them (stupid me thought I was bidding on the 12 inch figures, and didn't ask till I had placed my bid), but they're really nice and detailed. I'm happy with them.

I didn't get to play any FFX tonight, but with GMing, scanning, resizing, and all that out of the way, hopefully I can tomorrow. I miss it when I can't play for a day. (Wow, sounds like someone needs a life!)
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