November 11th, 2002


An Open Letter to Mother Nature, A Gift of Breast, and Diets

Okay, Ms. Nature, we've had our winter. The ground is soaked through, the skies are cloudy, and it's not just crisp in the morning anymore, it's downright cold. It's winter, we get it! can we have summer back?


I had a dream last night that I had an invisible horse. Riding it was cool as heck, but once you got off it you had a problem: How would you ever find it again? Horses tend to avoid being caught so they don't have to be saddled and all that, so how do you find and catch an invisible one? I only got to ride it once, then never found it again for the rest of the dream.

Also really disturbing in that dream: My mother and I were at a farm/farm stand. I picked up this blue round thing and asked her what it was. She told me it was an onion. (It looked and felt more like a solid plastic ball-ish thing.) I couldn't put it down, the shape felt so good and soft and right in my hand. I tried to get my mother to hold it to to see if she'd like it as well. Then I looked down and it was a naked breast (not attached to a body) that I was trying to give her. Giving my mother a perky breast. Arghghahrgg.


For a week or two I've been pondering dieting again. In truth, I gave up on dieting after the last one failed (or rather, the last time *I* failed). I've spent most of my life on diets, and never have I succeeded. Now and then, maybe two or three times, I took off a noticeable amount of weight, but it never stayed off. How successful will a diet be if you're sure it's going to fail?

My thought for this new diet has two parts:

1) If I eat however many servings of fruits and vegetables a day that you're supposed to have (just looked it up, only five. Huh. Thought it was more), one would think you'd tend to not be hungry. Right now I'm getting 2-3 servings of fruit/vegetables a /week/.

2) Stick to eating all the fruit, no fast food, no cookies/chocolate/junk food, etc on weekdays. On weekends be freer (within reason).

Oh, and I guess there's a #3. Exercise. Heck, movement in general. I sit at the computer 9 hours at work, then 6 hours when I get home. All I do other than that is drive from one place to the other or sleep. Problem is getting exercise in without killing my knees/ankles... and without taking /too/ much time away from my home computer time.

Now, see, these are some pretty big changes... do I want to try them if they're only going to fail? I know I shouldn't think about it that way, but look at the odds: Every diet I've ever been on, for the last 15 years or so, has failed. What are the chances I can stick with this one?

Donno. Guess I'll think about it a bit more, but I'm strongly leaning towards trying it again...
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Elitist MUSHes

It's funny when someone uses a word and intends it as an insult, but it is taken as a compliment. My MUSH has tight application standards. We like to say that we offer the best RP out there, regardless of theme (since our theme is Pokemon, people tend to think the MUSH is full of kids and crappy RP).

Before my MUSH, I played on GarouMUSH, which also got called elitist a lot. I think (well, I know) that we have an even tighter application process than Garou did, and we monitor RP closer once people do get on the MUSH. We're more elitist than the most elite MUSH I had ever known. Some people would call that a bad thing, I think it's a darned good thing.

What brought this up was an email sent to our app box today. One of the things the person said was:

...Working to prevent *twinks* is one thing, making your game
almost impossible for the average player to get accepted into is

But the thing is, that's the point. We don't want "average" players on the MUSH. We want (and get) the best of the best.

I'm not too often proud of myself for things, but I think my reply to this person's email was a good one. While I wanted to scream and shout and shake the person back and forth till he understood, I calmly replied point by point to his email. I'm not sure if he's going to really read it, or be willing to think about it, but if he does then maybe he'll understand that there's a place for "elitist MUSHes", just like there is a place for a four-star restaurant in a world full of McDonalds.

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So wrong. So very, very wrong.

There's this ad on TV for Boost Mobile (some cell phone company). It's funny as heck, but so so wrong. A gang of old people doing dances that kids are now doing. Rubbing against each other and such. Makes me twitch and laugh at the same time.

Where are the man on the left's hands?!

Check out the expression on the man on the right!
Link on the lower righthand side (ads). These are from the Raver one.

Watch it and giggle.
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