December 4th, 2002


Hump Day

I hate the term 'hump day'. Yeah, it fits, but I still hate it. (Stop snickering, people.)

The week is steadily improving. Deadlines have been pushed off. Work is busy enough to keep me from getting bored, but not so busy I don't have time to do other things. (Like this, see?)

Had a great lunch at Giovanni's. Mmm. Cheese sticks and chicken. Mmm. I need to go there more often.

I'm antsy to get home. Wanna play AC (all my animals keep scolding me for not coming to see them till evening!), wanna read. Want to relax.

My TV cart (Grr. Two calls just came in, and of course since cow orker is off in the gameroom, where he spends hours every afternoon, I had to handle both.) ANYway. My TV cart/entertainment center thing arrived yesterday. Now I just need to put it together. Woo woo.
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